GlimpsesPaintings from the 1980s - Brian Blanchflower

08 June - 15 July 2001

"The large panoramic painting 'Glimpses - An Earth History' (The Holmes à Court Collection) epitomises the long process of building up complex masses of paint/energy, mark by mark, 'particle' by 'particle'. Here matter is in a constant state of flux, but one can glimpse embedded in it archetypal figures and the traces of past events. Forms disintegrate and in doing so reveal many layers of 'history', the various stages which the painting went through over a period of two years."

Brian Blanchflower, March 2001

This group of five paintings spanning 1984 to 1988 represents an intense period following the artist's residencies at AIR and SPACE Studio, London, and The Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney in 1983/84.

The concept of revisiting the development of this series grew out of many conversations with the artist whose collaboration with the Holmes à Court Gallery has been essential to this project.

This process resulted in a selection of five works, which were sourced from the collections of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Curtin University of Technology, the artist and The Holmes à Court Collection. The group of paintings in the exhibition and the publication form part of, or relate to the Canopy series that began in the mid 1980s and continues today.