Works from The Holmes à Court Collection

10 November - 08 February 2004

Barks are a strong focus of The Holmes à Collection and the works in this exhibition are just a small selection of the many artists and regions represented.

Artists include: Les Midikuria (Maningrida), George Djaynngurrna, Lofty Nabarrayal Nadjamerrek (Oenpelli), Paddy Dhatangu and Jimmy Wululu (Ramingining), Peter Marralwanga and Wurbilil (Western Arnhem Land), and Mithili (Yirrkala).

These magnificent barks tell the stories of the Dreaming and have been handed down through oral traditions within the various clan groups through the generations. The Aboriginal peoples of the northern territory still maintain a significant connection to their traditional and ceremonial way of life, of which bark paintings and the carvings they produce are an essential part.