Unique States : 8 May - 18 September 2022 @ Vasse Felix



Unique States considers the many meanings of ‘unique state’. It refers to a print making technique, to states of being, to societal and environmental states and to our geographical state. The past three years have launched humanity into ‘unique states’ and Western Australia has become even more of a ‘unique state’ because of its position apart from the rest of Australia and the world. Unique States presents political and environmental realities, as much as flights of fancy, taking viewers through a variety of unique states via the medium of print.



Susanna Castleden, Valdene Diprose, Jo Darvall, Clyde McGill, Harvey Mullen, Perdita Phillips, Sue Starcken, Elmari Steyn



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IMAGE: Clyde McGill, work in progress, 2022 (detail)