George Haynes : 27 March - 1 May 2021 @ no.10


Gallery Hours :  Tues – Sat   |   11am – 5pm  |  27 March - 1 May 2021  |  Closed Public Holidays (includes : Good Friday)



‘Paintings sometimes just paint themselves and that’s what you’re after.’ George Haynes, 2021


George Haynes is a well-established and highly influential Western Australian artist. His artwork aspires to the quality of music and delights in smouldering sunsets, light dappled hills, soft pastel tones accompanied by intense hues and a grip on realism veering towards abstraction.


George Haynes has an exquisite mastery of technical challenges in painting. He demonstrates a fine grasp of colour knowledge and perspective theory. He often draws directly from nature, closely observing the many nuances of nature and the physical world. He is endlessly expanding his conceptual and technical skills to communicate ideas and questions about visual experience and perception.


George Haynes 2020-21 presents mostly recent works, created throughout 2020:


‘The value of Haynes’ new work is that it is light-hearted and challenging, inventive, straightforward and multifaceted. It presents a paradox with joie-de-vivre.’ Andre Lipscombe, 2021


George Haynes’ skill, intellect and wry sensibility make for a dynamic, varied and persuasive body of works.


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Gallery Hours :  Tues – Sat   |   11am – 5pm  |  27 March - 1 May 2021  |  Closed Public Holidays (includes : Good Friday)