13 September - 02 November 2003

A tribute to western australia in association with LIVERPOOL ST GALLERY, SYDNEY

Following the artists visit to Western Australia earlier this year, this exhibition features three interpretations and experiences of our landscape by three talented and collectable young artists.

All works are available for purchase.


“Noticing a landscape forming itself around me, almost in a circle which occasionally would outline my sporadic movement, was a landscape made up of paint tins, tubes, splattered pots... sometimes smoothly encrusted and covered in paint. Stalagmites of oil paint were forming themselves into organic blocks or pinnacle shapes resembling familiar landscapes... growing underneath the paintings hanging on the wall in the studio... and so I began to paint them like you would a still life. I was painting paint...”


Peter spent time in WA early in his life and has fond memories of water and sky. Visiting Albany and finding the Whaling Station Museum became the catalyst for a whole new body of work that includes painting, sculpture, drawing and prints. Drawing from a huge collection of whalebones at the Museum provided the means and forms for his studio work, an enchanting evocation of whale. Without direct representation, the work is as much about how a whale moves through water as about their size and surface texture.


This series of paintings by Kate Turner is based on her visit to Western Australia in early 2003. The field trip encompassed from Jurien Bay in the north, to Grass Valley on The Great Eastern Highway and then south to Shannon National Park and the Margaret River region. The paintings are horizonless renderings which evoke a memory of fields and vistas, the heavily textured surfaces of oil paint catching the light as the viewer moves around the canvas.

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