The Border Crossers : 21 April - 13 May 2018 @ no.10

The Border Crossers


21 April - 13 May 2018

Clyde McGill  The Border Crosser (Guest), 2013, mixed media on unstretched linen, 220cm x 320cm. Copyright and courtesy the artist.


What are the borderlands? Who determines them and why? Who may cross? Who may not? Who does deliberately cross the borders? Where are they from? Why are they leaving? What are their hopes? What is their journey? What do they bring with them? Are they welcomed or turned back? Do they just disappear? Who cares? Who doesn’t?


In 2007 Clyde McGill began looking at borderlands as they relate to people who come by boat. He focussed first on the fate of a young Indonesian fisherman who tragically died on a boat detained in Darwin Harbour. This exhibition contains his story within a much broader narrative of the refugee who comes by boat. It includes works shown at MONA FOMA 2016 with others produced since then. All will be displayed throughout our new 500+ m2 exhibition/event space.  We're in the early stages of development with this, but we're ready at last to share it with you.


  • Dolorosa Opera Performance : 2pm Sundays
  • Speakers Day : 5 May 2018  - Registrations now CLOSED

Crossing Borders and Seeking Asylum in Australia: Where the hell are we? And where are we going?


Review by Wiliam Yeoman - 'Refugee risks laid bare' The West Australian 22 April 2018 - Click HERE to view.

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