Stardust Memories : 5 February - 14 May 2017

Vicki Cullinan Kililpi unngu Munga Ilkari (Stars in the Sky), 2015, acrylic on canvas, 167 x 243 cm. Image courtesy & copyright the artist.


This exhibition will present a selection of heavenly works from the Collection including those of Vicki Cullinan, Janenne Eaton, Alma Nungarayi Granites, Bevan Hayward, Naminapu Maymuru-White, Matthew McVeigh, Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa, Norah Nelson Napaljarri, Leon Pericles, David Rankin and Gulumbu Yunupingu. To complement these works, we are pleased to be able to include those of invited artists Penny Bovell, Miik Green and Tony Nathan.

According to we are all made of stardust. Almost every element on earth was formed at the heart of a star. No wonder that our bodies contain memories, nebulous though they may be, of the high-energy environment that created the various elements that earth and ourselves are made of.

Penny Bovell’s works reflect just this in the changing configurations of the freckles on her back, recorded over a period of twenty-six years. Delicate and evocative, these prints on rag paper on aluminium mirror the constellations we see in the night skies.

Tony Nathan’s two photo works show the reality of two constellations in depth.  The reality is complex and wonderful. No need really to wax lyrical.

Miik Green’s mixed media on aluminium works have captured moments of chemical reactions under their resin surfaces. Presenting like starbursts, in the context of this exhibition, and taking poetic licence, they seem to record the movement of matter from the skies to the earth.

The collection works reflect our gaze to the night skies over millennia and what we imagine is there above us. It must be more… and supernatural.  Ancient stories reside there. Heaven is likely to be there… where else?

Residing under this beautiful canopy there are surely endless possibilities for us here on earth. We look to the skies and we reach for the skies. We look to the stars for guidance in an effort to make sense of our world and our presence here.

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