Richard LARTER b. 1929

Richard LarterRichard Larter was born in London in 1929, arriving in Australia in 1962 and has since lived and worked in Sydney. He began painting in 1948 and in 1950, spent six months in Algiers studying Islamic linearity. He applied this technique of drawing with paint filled hypodermic needles to drawings of a provacative sexual subject matter.

He abandoned this technique around 1967 in favour of a commercial Pop art style with simple areas of flat colour and clear crisp outlines and increasing emphasis on patternmaking between the figurative images. By the mid 1970’s Larter had shifted his focus from his provocative nudes to political and social statements. Since the 1980’s he has painted abstract landscapes and other subjects.

Larter continues to paint and exhibit and is collected extensively in most major private and public collections, in Australia and internationally.