Peter SKIPPER b. c1929

An Aboriginal painter of the Juwaliny/Walmajarri language group, Peter Skipper grew up in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia and followed a traditional lifestyle until his early twenties. He moved north from Juwaliny to the southern Kimberleys in 1950 before moving to Fitzroy Crossing in the 1960s, where he worked on sheep and cattle stations for the next 20 years. Skipper began his painting career in the 1980s, his work strong in design with a bold use of contrasting bright colours. Skipper’s paintings represent topographical reference but are also deeply embedded in his ancestral knowledge and experience of his ‘country’. Sandhills, and the Purnarra designs traditionally incised on shields and pearl-shells feature prominently in Skippers paintings. His imagery also refers to patterns that occur in nature; wind-rippled sand, lightning, tracks left by wood-eating insects.


Skipper has been included in several important international exhibitions, numerous solo and joint exhibitions in Australia and is represented in all major Australian public and private collections and many international collections. He continues to live and work as an artist in Fitzroy Crossing.



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