Marjorie Coleman - Lyrical Stitch : 17 October - 28 November 2020 @ no.10


The exhibition will celebrate the creative life and work of Marjorie Coleman, showing the evolution of her work over five decades. Stitching on cloth brings Marjorie’s stories to life. Using contemporary stitch as an expressive medium, Marjorie produces rich evocative pieces to represent her ideas and experiences; to tell a story of ongoing exploration and; concern for her local surroundings. She takes pleasure from working with cloth, drawing on a lifetime of intimate knowledge, to stitch for her own enlightenment.


The work will be documented with a book and a dedicated website.


Artist Statement

"It seems to me to be quite important that what we make reflects ourselves. Whether we stitch or whether we hammer seems to be not as important as the fact that we are giving shape to our sensibilities, colour to our insights. And when we are bored or desperate or overjoyed or curious, we have a special activity into which we can channel energy, with which we can express our deepest hurts and losses, our greatest joys and loves. We can, in a special sense, make our words flesh. We, who can make, are the lucky ones." Marjorie Coleman



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