Lloyd Frederic REES 1895 - 1988

Lloyd Frederic REESWhether painted, drawn, etched or lithographed, the work of Lloyd Rees is known for its shimmering opalescence. His works flow like mercurial mirages, his figures and select elements of landscape and architecture emerging from the veiled, misted backgrounds like memories of themselves. He is perhaps best known as one of the greatest painters of Sydney Harbour which he first viewed from a porthole as he arrived from Queensland in 1917. He studied at Brisbane Technical College before travelling to Europe and the UK in the early 1920s. His discovery of the Tuscan landscapes in 1923 left an indelible impression. Rees developed a careful and analytical approach to his paintings which was also extremely light and sensuous. Rees's sincerity and lack of pretension ensured that his works were widely accepted. A large retrospective at the AGNSW in 1942 and again with a travelling exhibition in 1969 affirmed the Australian public's respect for Rees and the popularity of his works.