This exhibition presents a selection of paintings from the Collection in the colour spectrum black to white, and includes the following artists –


The ‘bronze’ element incorporates the little known sculptures of Robert Holmes à Court’s younger brother, Simon, and those of Simon’s close friend Bodo Muche, whose works are for sale. Though Robert Holmes à Court was a household name through the seventies and eighties in Australia, little was heard of his brother Simon who had remained in Africa. Simon’s passion was Africa. Most at home in the bush, and at ease with all wildlife, he was at various points in his life a game warden, seagoing adventurer, filmmaker and sculptor. He was as adventurous in his own way as Robert was in the financial world.

In 1977, at the age of 37, Simon Holmes à Court disappeared in the wilds of Africa. He had set off to travel to Johannesburg to buy equipment for the foundry he was setting up at his home in Botswana and simply did not return. After three long years his body was eventually found. The cause of death was inconclusive.

We decided to display a selection of the family’s collection of Simon’s sculptures at the suggestion of his friend and fellow sculptor Bodo Muche. Born in Germany, Bodo left Berlin in 1958 and travelled through Europe to eventually settle and spend seventeen years in Tanzania and Botswana. It was there that he met Simon Holmes à Court and they became friends and colleagues. Bodo was much affected by Simon’s death, as was the Holmes à Court family, so in that sense this is a very personal return to a difficult time, but it is also an acknowledgement and celebration of Simon’s passion for African wildlife and the natural world, his talent for close observation and modelling and a reflection on a career sadly cut short. His friend, naturalist, wildlife filmmaker and artist Tim Liversedge said, in describing the model of Simon’s large elephant –“It was so accurate and lifelike, he could have made his name as a sculptor on that piece alone”.

Today Bodo and Robyn Muche live in Australia. Their home and studio is located at Mt Glenhowden in Queensland, surrounded by natural bushland and gardens. Home and travels continue to provide Bodo with inspiration for his development as a contemporary naturalistic artist. All Bodo’s works in the exhibition are for sale.

For enquiries and/or purchase contact:  ph. 07 5423 5109 mob. 0427 739 420 web.

Simon Holmes à Court | “When the Old Man scratches his right leg with his left foot, all is well”, bronze, 40 x 45 x 20 cm Bodo Muche modelling the Giant Sable Antelope (available in bronze and stainless steel, H 36cm). Big Winged New Englander Megaptera novaeangliae) modelled 1991 cast 2011, H 30cm, edition of 100 : $2,200 Medium
Big Winged New Englander (Megaptera novaeangliae) modelled 1993 cast 2011, H 10cm, edition of 100 : $330 - Small Long Love (Giraffa camelopardalis) modelled 2012 cast 2012, bronze on granite, H 35cm, edition of 11 : $7,700 Big Winged New Englander Megaptera novaeangliae) modelled 1991 cast 2011, H 30cm, edition of 100 : $2,200 Medium
Manta Ray modelled c1990 cast 2012, bronze, 14 x 14 cm, edition of 100 : $440 Simon Holmes à Court (1939-1977) Photos and other ephemera from the family album Blue Flyer & Joey (Macropus rufus) modelled 1978 cast 2010, bronze, H 10cm,edition of 100 : $330
Big Red (Macropus rufus) modelled 1992 cast 2011, bronze, Life-size, edition of 7 : $27,500 Big Red (Macrocopus rufus) modelled 1978 cast 2012, bronze, H 15cm, edition of 100 : $330  
Vitesse (Istiophorus platypterus) modelled 2006 cast 2010, stainless steel + opal on walnut, H 45cm, edition of 25 : $9,900 Platypus Pirouette ( Ornithorhynchus anatinus) modelled 2011 cast 2011, bronze, H 60cm, edition of 11 : $8,800 Grandeur (Makaira indica) modelled 2006 cast 2010, stainless steel + opal on walnut, H 60cm, edition of 25 : $9,900
Wombat asleep in log modelled 1978 cast 2010, bronze, H 8cm, edition of 100 : $330

Koala asleep modelled 1988 cast 2010, bronze, H 6cm, edition of 100 : $330

Greater Kudu modelled 2011 cast 2011, bronze on walnut, H 40cm, edition of 11 : $6,600
Panthera Leo modelled 2012 cast 2012, bronze, H 30cm, edition of 11 : $6,600 Panthera pardus nimr modelled 2012 cast 2012, bronze, H 30cm, edition of 11 : $6,600 Giant Sable modelled 2011 cast 2011
- bronze on walnut, H 40cm, edition of 11 : $6,600
- stainless steel on bronze, H 40cm, edition of 11 : $7,700
Seal Pup modelled 1992 cast 2010, bronze H 8cm, edition of 100 : $330 Dung Beetle modelled 2011 cast 2012, bronze, H 8cm, edition of 1000 : $440 Big Winged new Englander (Megaptera novaeangliae) 2011, bronze, H 90cm, edition of 11 : $8,800 - Large