Arthur STREETON 1867 - 1943

Arthur STREETONStreeton was one of the founders of the Heidelberg School. His skill in rendering distance and atmosphere gave his paintings the feeling of actual participation in the life of the landscape, and brought him nationwide popularity and fame. Streeton helped to create an important local market by convincing the middle class Australian public that the Australian landscape with its blue-shadowed Eucalypts and golden pasturelands had a unique indigenous beauty. Streeton however, was frustrated by his lack of success in London. For 25 years his career fluctuated between vain attempts to conquer the London art world, and triumphant visits home. Before his return to London in 1908 Streeton held four successful exhibitions in Melbourne. After serving in the First World War as an official war artist he returned to Australia and settled in Victoria in 1924. He lived and worked there until his death in 1943.